I'm SLR's independent celebrant. 

A Celebrant is just another name for Humanists or Registrar's right?

Well actually, no! 

A humanist holds humanist beliefs, meaning that no acts of religious worship can be included in your ceremony. 

Celebrant led ceremonies, whether humanist or not, provide you with more control, with no specific rules to follow, unlike a registrar or church ceremony. 
You can add as many personal touches as you like from poems, readings, music or live singers to having your ceremony wherever (except a religious building) and whenever you wish. Also, you do not have to hold your ceremony at an approved premises, there is no requirement for a special licence as the ceremony is NOT legally binding.

Registrars can legally marry you at an approved venue or at a registry office. The legally binding 40+ words, which take around 10-15 minutes, are the only difference between us. Currently, in England and Wales, Celebrants cannot legally marry you. You can have a Commitment Ceremony if you do not wish to be legally married or a Wedding Ceremony if you are already legally married, led by your Celebrant.  
Another bonus is that you can also intertwine cultural or religious beliefs including hymns and prayers or be as alternative or humorous as you want. After all, who doesn't love a good giggle?
So, that is the difference between Humanists, Registrars and Celebrants! 

There are so many reasons to choose a Celebrant led ceremony. 

In a nutshell, if you fancy a ceremony in a forest or a lighthouse, with your hound as your wedding ring guard or your nearest and dearest represented for their true authentic selves ... let's get a date in the diary!

Why try to fit in when you were absolutely born to stand out? 

Let's push the boundaries and rip up the rule books to realise your dream day. 

Whenever, wherever, celebrating with whoever and however you wish!

"You have the key to the door. My love, encouragement and always, I will keep my arms open wide."

 September 2022


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"When the dark clouds appear, take the sunshine from your pockets and sprinkle that stuff everywhere."

May 2022


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