About you. 


... so together is exactly how we are going to do this! You're in the right place if you're ready to embrace the extraordinary and get your creative juices flowing. You want to wholly share and represent your story in your own style and have lots of fun in the process! You fancy creating a bespoke experience that captures the essence of you and you're looking to make memories to cherish forever.


If you:

  • don't want your marriage in a church, registry office or approved venue
  • want your wedding in a big old barn, the middle of a forest, your favourite pub, a lighthouse or a French chateau
  • want to do things differently from everyone else
  • may want to incorporate special rituals into your ceremony like Tea Blending or Handfasting  or even create a bespoke ritual of your own
  • don't want a "one size fits all" or an "off the shelf" ceremony that doesn't represent you or your values 
  • want an inclusive ceremony for your children, family, friends and pets  want a unique, heartfelt, humorous and inclusive ceremony for you and your guests to cherish
  • want a story that reflects your individuality
  • want an SLR ceremony

 Then it looks like you're ready to commit to this!

A Bridal Bouquet and Half Crown created by SLR using the blue, silver and green hues of amazing, lush foliage stems. 

Next steps:

Our first chat. We need to click and believe me, you will just know! 

Planning. You need to be ready to start preparing for the Ceremony. Vows. Readings. Music. 

Questionnaire. Are you ready to lay yourself bare? It's all about you! 

Meet and greet. Yep, i need to really get to know you!  

Creating ceremonies is my super power.  Though I can only reflect your story, what has brought you to your special day, if you are willing to invest your time and your true self. The authentic you. After all, that's the reason we are here!

About me

My base is in Cardiff but I will travel to the moon and back, weather permitting! No ‘off the shelf' or 'one size fits all' services available here! Just unique and memorable ceremonies. I will help you plan and deliver an occasion where your guests leave saying "Wow! that was so you! You would think she had known you forever!" My speciality is writing and poetry, delivering ceremonies full of love, sentiment and reflection. Laughter, tears and cheers are always a great sign of appreciation. That's why I love that each ceremony is unique, exactly like my clients. I can help you write your vows, poems or readings. Your ceremony is created with you and not for you. I have bucket loads of enthusiasm and light bulb moments to blow anyone's mind! 


I have a varied work history including being a Personal Assistant, Advertising Communications Officer, Police Civilian Clerk and Retail Customer Service. 

I decided to train to become a Celebrant after attending the funeral of my dear friend's father. It was a very impersonal ceremony and really did not represent the type of character that he was. He wasn't a religious man and yet there were hymns and bible readings. ​ 

I thought about how I would like to remember a loved one and I would want to celebrate their life with great music, singing, dancing and humour filled readings or poems that they loved. 

This also got me thinking about how I would love to create these moments for all family ceremonies. Heartfelt words, personally written, spinetingling vows, emotive music chosen to transport you back to a moment in time, guests absolutely agreeing with every word spoken about you and laughing or crying as they hear them. 

I want to be part of that magic and be complicit in the memory making. With this in mind, I set up SLR Ceremonies and haven't looked back! 

My great loves 

... aside from my two wonderful children, I love gardening, dogs (especially Henry, my dear Mums Cockapoo), live gigs, music (in any way, shape or form), dresses, jewellery, weddings, cheese, bourbon and dry, and I absolutely love romance, tradition and modernity but also have a wicked sense of humour and fun. 

Whilst I am no spring chicken … I am  certainly young at heart and so long as it is legal, I will embrace all of your ideas no matter how off the wall, wondrous or kooky you think they may be. 

I love to combine travel and nature, especially the Welsh and French countryside.

I have always had a deep desire for writing, poetry, organising, creativity and a deep interest in people. Yep, I'm a proper Mrs Mangle!

I knew I would enjoy the ceremony designing, floristry and script writing but I had no idea just how rewarding it was going to be. 

The feeling I carry with me onto the next event, after the feedback from the last, is tremendous. Knowing that I have realised clients dreams and blown guests minds with the services I have delivered is incomparable.

A 70th Milestone Birthday Ceremony organised by SLR, inclusive of planning, full table and room dressing, menu and table setting design and much more 

​I will work with you to seamlessly create your bespoke occasion. I can assure you that I will be yours alone for your momentous day and you will have my full focus.


Why not get in touch today and we can begin realising your dream ceremony together.

I am all about the unconventional and quirkiness of life. Are we a match?

A snippet from a bespoke Wedding Ceremony Script created by SLR

I'm sure I'm not everyone's 'cup of tea' but if you're looking for super enthusiastic and an outside the box thinker, then we might just be the perfect blend!

A pre-wedding floral arrangement by SLR for a Clients Ceremony