Celebration of Life or Memorial Ceremony 

'It's all about you' - McFly 2005

Across the world for centuries cultures have celebrated the life of a loved one by honouring them.

The Celebration of Life Ceremony I offer can take place at any time. Whilst it usually takes place sometime after the death of your loved one, as you are usually consumed with grief soon after their funeral,  it can also take place before death if you would prefer. 

Maybe you are facing a life limiting or life changing illness and you would like to celebrate the good times, while you still can, with your family and friends. So if it's your time to get your glad rags on and boogey on down with your support network, go for it! There is nothing to stop you celebrating you and them!

Or a memorial years after the loss of a loved one, at a time when you can speak fondly of them as you feel at ease with your emotions. If you would like to celebrate their life and commemorate them at their favourite place, we can work together to make it happen. Your respect and love for them will forever live on. 

Whether you choose a Celebration of Life which tends to follow a few months after or you would like to celebrate your life with your family, in your own unique way before you pass,  we can create your service together, as you wish.