Green Environmentally Friendly Ceremony

A non-traditional option to explore with unity ideas is potting a plant. Whether indoors or out, this is a great way to feature a natural element into your ceremony. 

For more of an emotional impact, place your plant in a significant spot like your garden and monitor its growth as you also grow and lay down your roots. The perfect symbol of unity.

There is no better way of incorporating union into your wedding than being at one with nature so why not plant a tree instead? If you have recently bought a home together, why not plant it in the garden to signify strength and endurance, much like a marriage 

Choosing a place that holds sentimental value to you, your partner, your family or your loved one, will be extremely symbolic as part of a celebration of life or memorial ceremony.  The perfect location could be a favourite park or holiday destination, providing you have permission. Trees bring so much value to the land around them, this is a perfect way to create a living memory of your loved one.