Handfasting or Hand-tying

In short, Handfasting involves gently wrapping ribbon/cords around the clasped hands of the betrothed couple and tying a knot in declaration of unity, symbolising the binding together of the pair as part of the wedding ceremony.

Handfasting originates as a Pagan ritual usually as part of a Wedding or an Engagement celebration. Stories also document Christian, Germanic and Scottish origins of Handfasting being used for a one year trial of marriage, until a marriage had been consummated or until a child had been conceived. 

In latter years the Handfasting is represented in a Unity Ceremony as part of a larger Wedding or Commitment Ceremony.

If you are looking for a Celebrant who has been trained in Handfasting/Hand-tying and you are looking for a uniquely designed Ceremony, her I am. Comfortable working with aspects of all beliefs, we can work together to incorporate your ideas. If you practice a faith as your way of life or have a belief system with Handfasting at its core, I suggest that your ceremony is led by your own priest to ensure the correct procedures are adhered to.

Handfasting represents the binding of two people, united together. The tied knot symbolises the union, strength and love in your relationship.

​Whilst traditionally rope is used to bind the hands together you can use ribbons, sashes or cords. You can customise them to symbolise your hobbies, interests or even your wedding theme. How about flower garlands, foliage garlands, raffia, leather, pleather or maybe jewelled ties? This day is yours, nothing is off the table, it has to be a true representation of you!

Essentially, Handfasting represents love and fidelity.

​As your hands are bound, I will confirm your unity with heartfelt words or poetry. If you would prefer a family member or friend to do the reading, that's also cool!

Handfasting colour meanings :

BLACK - pure love, wisdom, success, strength

BLUE- fidelity, longevity, strength, safe journey

GOLD - wisdom, prosperity, longevity

GREY - balance, neutrality

Green - fertility and growth, love, luck, prosperity, nurturing

ORANGE - kindness, encouragement, adaptability, attraction

BROWN - nurturing, home and hearth, healing

PINK - love, happiness, unity, romance, honour, truth

PURPLE - spiritual strength, power, health, healing

RED - passion, love, courage, strength, health, vigor

SILVER - protection, inspiration and vision, creativity

WHITE - purity, serenity, peace, truth, devotion

YELLOW -  harmony, balance, attraction, confidence 


Again, you do not have to adhere to these colours, you can go for any colours you fancy, they are just a guide!


Handfasting is also a fun way to join together members in a Family Blending Ceremony or incorporate within a Naming Ceremony.