Intimate Elopement Ceremony

'Just the two of us' - Bill Withers - 1981

 You have set the date and cannot wait to seal the deal but you don't really want a big occasion. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a more intimate celebration, as not everybody chooses a large gathering with family and friends, many require a ceremony with only the happy couple present. 

SLR Intimate Elopement ceremonies will always represent your Love Story. Choosing to share your vows without family and friends can be a very personal, emotional, profound, joyous and carefree occasion. Elopement ceremonies, as with a Celebrant led wedding are not legally binding and it is probably why many couples choose this intimate celebration.

Your ceremony can be held anywhere (with the required permission). Hold it in your garden, lakeside, at the special place where you first met or even at your local farm.

Whilst by its nature the Elopement Ceremony is a lot shorter than the Wedding ceremony, you will still have your choice of music, a poem, a reading or a prayer also. Though there are usually no guests, you can have one or two special guests if you would like. You are at the very heart of this special day, no distractions, just your desires met. 

The Elopement Ceremony is based around a Unity Ceremony, unlike the Wedding Ceremony, where it is an optional extra. You can take a look at the Unity Ceremonies available here.