Mother to be Nurturing Ceremony

Mum's the word!

This is all about MUM. YOU and nobody else!

This is not a Baby shower. Whilst Baby showers are great, they are all about buying gifts for the new arrival only!

Whether you are a first time mum or you have had several children, pregnancy can be a truly anxious time. This is a time in the life of a woman when she requires her women around her. So, let's celebrate our mum to be, prepare her for what is about to come and empower her. 

You may have heard of a blessing way ceremony, traditional in Navajo culture, to honour and cherish the mother to be. As with many ceremonies, for those who wish to move away from commercialised ideas around birth, there are elements of this cultural, historical ritual that can be used in a modern way. A blessing way has no strict guidelines, it is all about you and what really makes you feel special and honoured. 

Learning about strengths and fears that you didn't even know you possessed is what motherhood is really about. 

A Bespoke and Treasured Ceremony

Anyone can arrange the Nurturing Ceremony, from Mum, Best Friend, Father to be or even Mum to be herself.  The purpose of the Ceremony is to honour and empower the Mum to be, for the mothers amongst her chosen friends and family to share birth stories and offer support. Providing her with love, strength and confidence to take on this new chapter.  

 All female invitees should bring their own wonderful warrior power, and also power from their mothers and grandmothers too.  You can have fun and games that suit all, whether spiritual or not, as long as your female power remains. The ceremony usually lasts around 3 hours but I will step away when required, allowing you to enjoy your gathering. 


I'm not sure that I'm really that spiritual!  No worry at all!

​Please be assured, the overwhelming theme that connects each and everyone, is the positive energy and the love. 

Yes spiritualism is present at the birth of a baby but you don't have to mix religion and spiritualism unless you wish to.

I have had two beautiful babies, one by emergency caesarean and one by planned caesarean birth day.  The emotion, during those last few weeks of pregnancy and during the labour of my first born, the one thing I remember and hold dear, is energy and love. Life is hectic but at this time when you are closest than you will ever be to another individual, it's alright to let the heart rule for a while. It's ok to relax and to just be. To take the strength from your closest female friends and hold it dear to your heart, to store it and to use it when the time for the hard work of giving birth arrives. Energy and love.

Some common activities during a Mother's Blessing Ceremony would be:

  • Everyone is given a candle to take home and light and send their well wishes during the labour
  • Maternal Lineage
  • Releasing Fears
  • Birth Affirmations
  • Everyone brings a special item to create an altar space for the mother to be, to feel empowered during her pregnancy, labour and early motherhood. A bead to make a necklace, flowers for a flower crown or another object for the mum to be to remember she is loved and supported.
  • Giving a massage or pampering to the Mum to be and making bath salts with oils and herbs for post baby recovery
  • A ball of cord gets passed around the circle and tied round each woman's wrist
  • Readings, poetry or a letter of support to the mum to be, to help and guide her
  • Friends are asked to bring a dish for the Ceremony, to feast on. Maybe they could also bring a dish for the freezer too! To help in   the early weeks after your birth. They could otherwise draw up a rota to bring a fresh dish around in the first week after.


 A pregnant woman feels like nothing else on this earth. Knowing that you are growing a new being inside of you brings wonderment and joyfulness. A woman giving birth feels strength and vulnerability at the same time. As you encounter the thin line between life and death. Your child not yet born but so incredibly alive. The intense task of labour. Emotionally, spiritually and physically altering you from host to care giver. Still dependent on you but now a life of its own.

This truly wonderful experience and it's preparation needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. So whatever you would like incorporated into your ceremony can be catered for. Get in touch to start creating together!