Pet Memorial Ceremony

'You've got a friend in me' - Randy Newman 1995


Let's plan your SLR Pet Memorial Ceremony together! I will work with you to create a wonderful way to say goodbye to your beloved, loyal pal. Please note this is not an interment, it is a simple ceremony to mark the occasion in a more formal way, after burial or cremation.

Let's begin creating the celebration of their life and the great joy they brought into it.

These non human family members hold an important place in your lives and an unimaginable void. Remembering how your pet made you a better person, what your favourite moments shared were or thinking back to the time your pet became part of your family can be a great way to celebrate your pet companions life and bring you comfort.

You can host a memorial service to pay tribute to your pet by sharing stories, laughter and photographs or even create a memory book of your pet. You can also make a donation to a pet rescue charity in their honour. ​If you have had your pet cremated then you can incorporate the sprinkling of their ashes in your ceremony. A great way to symbolise their passing is to plant a tree or light a candle. There are lots of Unity Ceremonies to choose from that can make your ceremony extra special. 

If you would like to start creating together, please get in touch.