Sand Pouring Ceremony

This Unity ceremony can be as simple as two people pouring sand from two separate containers into a bowl symbolising togetherness forever or you can include your whole guest list in the proceedings.

Whatever ceremony you are having whether it is two individuals being joined together, a new family celebration or a transgender individual blending their new life with family and friends, this is a lovely ceremony of union.

The idea being that the grains of sand often different shades authentically, blend together seamlessly as they are poured from their separate vessels and can never again be easily separated, for better or worse. 

You can even choose coloured sands with glass containers, which can be arranged by me as a keepsake at an added cost, to create an everlasting memento of your special day. You could follow a specific colour theme or maybe even choose colours that have symbolic meanings as follows:

BLACK - pure love, wisdom, success, strength

BLUE- fidelity, longevity, strength, safe journey

GOLD - wisdom, prosperity, longevity

GREY - balance, neutrality

Green - fertility and growth, love, luck, prosperity, nurturing

ORANGE - kindness, encouragement, adaptability, attraction

BROWN - nurturing, home and hearth, healing

PINK - love, happiness, unity, romance, honour, truth

PURPLE - spiritual strength, power, health, healing

RED - passion, love, courage, strength, health, vigor

SILVER - protection, inspiration and vision, creativity

WHITE - purity, serenity, peace, truth, devotion

YELLOW -  harmony, balance, attraction, confidence 

This is your ceremony, your way! Please feel free to choose the colours you want to represent you.