Tea Blending Ceremony

There are a number of tea ceremonies you can choose for your special day and sipping the same blend on your anniversary date as a reminder of your vows is a great idea. 

You could even provide momentous wedding favours of your ceremonial tea to your guests. 

Originating in Japanese and Chinese Culture, this Buddhist monk Unity ceremony is now more widely used as part of modern weddings. 

Below are a few options:

Serve Tea Together

During this tea unity ceremony, you will take it in turns to pour a cup of tea for one another, to sip and enjoy together. This simple act of pouring a soothing cup of tea is a wonderful way to symbolise your willingness to assist and care for your partner, the true foundation of a lasting relationship.

The idea that you find happiness in small everyday moments like sharing a cup of tea together is highlighted in this ceremony.


Prepare Tea Together

This symbolises a healthy relationship with positive contributions and equal effort from both partners, working together to prepare your pot of favourite tea. One may add the tea leaves and the other may pour the water. Both may reap the benefits of working together as a team by taking sips of the tea they have prepared. 

An alternative might be to have the parents of the couple preparing the tea for them to drink, symbolising their blessing of the marriage union.

Combining Tea Together

Before the day of the wedding, each of the couple will choose a tea that they believe represents their personality. On the wedding day the couple will then blend their teas, steeping the mixture and then sipping it together. This again symbolising the positivity that each partner contributes to their union.