Transition Ceremony

'This is me' - Keala Settle - 2017

Let's plan your SLR Transition Celebration together! I will work with you to create a bespoke event, bringing your ideas to fruition. 

Whether you wish to celebrate an achievement, simply chalk up a date on the calendar or quite literally transition from one stage of life to the next, you can do it ceremoniously!

​Divorce, Gender and Post-illness Transition ceremonies are available with SLR.

For instance, the perfect time to begin a new chapter of your life and leave past behind would be the Divorce Transition Ceremony. 

A Divorce signifies the end of a relationship, it also marks the beginning of your new life. SLR ceremonies will work with you to customise this occasion, whether you’re affirming your single status or merely acknowledging the end of an era. ​

You may want a solemn tone to mark the date with a few family members or maybe you want to celebrate your newly single life with friends and family who have helped you start afresh and party all night long. 

Either way, I will handle all the details to help you represent your Divorce Ceremony in your true style. 


Life is full of highs and lows, and a truly momentous way to reflect you and celebrate your story is with the Gender Transition ceremony.

This ceremony does not celebrate the change from one stage to another, it instead reflects the transition to what should be, the wonderful future that awaits you. There is no reference to the past dead name/life. 

This is all about celebrating you and your transition. The ceremony is truly inclusive given that it is usually with close friends and family members.

As well as Divorce and Gender transition ceremonies, another is the Post-illness transition ceremony. 

Transition ceremonies reflect the highs and lows, the exciting and sometimes difficult periods in life and how we move forward from one part of life to another. Celebrating the achievements. 

There is no greater time to start your transition than with your nearest and dearest, on the better side of a serious illness. Celebrating your new thirst for life, new chances and opportunities to share with loved ones. Allowing the newly transitioned you to move forward with your support network, confirming your gratitude and love for each other. This in itself is positive and liberating.

If you would like to start creating your Transition Celebration, please get in touch.