Unity Ceremony Package & Fees 

Telephone discussion around your dream Unity Ceremony and finding out about you, so that your Ceremony is entirely created to your requirements. All Unity ceremonies chosen in addition to your inclusive main ceremony unity gift ceremony are charged at £50.00 each.


I will create a beautifully written Unity Ceremony Script, uniquely yours, reflecting you and the story that has brought you to your special day. All ceremonies require  approximately 20 plus hours to research. All Ceremony Scripts  are created from new, as are my Unity Ceremony Scripts. They will represent your theme, and will take a further 1-2 hours approximately. 


Remember, this is your special day, choose as few or as many as you desire, together we can make your dream occasion happen!


A unique 'Keepsake' to symbolise your Unity Ceremony can be taken away, at 'cost' price, if you would like. However, there will be no further cost added, if you do not want to keep the items.

The SLR package includes all of the above and the fees start from £50.00

The initial meeting of up to an hour is FREE of CHARGE. We can meet face to face or by Zoom depending on distance and preferences. I will require a booking fee of £25.00 pounds, per Unity Ceremony chosen, for your date to be secured. Please note the booking fee is non-refundable


If you are ready to book your perfect extra special touch to your celebration, then please go ahead.  If you are undecided, please return to our list of wonderful Unity Ceremonies to choose more options.