Wedding Band Warming or Blessing Ceremony

A wedding band warming or blessing ceremony is now practiced all over the world but is traditionally Irish. 

The wedding bands are passed around each of the guests during the ceremony and held in your hands for a short while to be 'warmed' as you make a wish, prayer or hopes and dreams for the future of the soon to be married couple. You then pass them on to the next person, until they arrive back with the 'ring keeper'. 

I will then explain the significance of this ritual, how happy it will make you and how important it is to you both to receive everyone's loving thoughts in such a special way, to your guests. If you have a loved one who may be too ill to attend, the rings can be 'warmed', returned to you prior to the wedding and can be mentioned as part of your Ceremony.

​The wedding bands signify the commitment that you have made to each other, whilst the 'warming' ceremony blesses the wedding bands as a sacred gift of heartfelt loving thoughts, good wishes and prayers from all who shared your special day.

​This is a very symbolic and inclusive ceremony for you and your guests to remember forever. 

You have full control over who you want to take part in the ceremony and when, providing it is prior to the exchange of vows. 

A number of ways to carry out this ceremony are :

to place the wedding bands in a special box at the venue, allowing each guest to 'warm' the bands prior to taking their seat at the ceremony or;

to ask a special member of the wedding party or the Celebrant to be responsible for keeping the wedding bands safe and secure at all times - the 'ring keeper', then passing the wedding bands around to each guest to be 'warmed' whilst the ceremony takes place and ensuring the bands are returned, blessed with everyone's loving wishes. to the couple prior to exchanging their vows. I can arrange for a bespoke cushion, ribbon and heart or box as a keepsake from the day, at an extra cost, if you would like.